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Back to Real Life

Real \'re(-a)l\ adjective: fundamental; essential; occurring or existing in actuality.

Life \'lif\ noun: the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. 


Slow Living radio: uncork the great life; passionate enjoyment of rewarding experiences.

Slow Living radio is dedicated to those who want reclaim their time, breathe out and get back to real living.  We want to inspire and challenge you.  Why not tap the experience your days instead of counting them.  Each week we'll present you with engaging guests and topics.  Food, wine, travel, health & fitness, home design, greener living, entertainment, cool events... so sit back and enjoy the ride with us in the pursuit of endless discoveries. Our show is broadcast each week coast-to-coast through the CRN Digital Talk Affiliate Network Hopefully, one of those homes is yoursIf not, you can always catch the broadcast on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, or other Windows Mobile device, or online at web radio
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Until then... 

Live Slow!

Steve & Sally

Broadcast live weekly from
Napa Valley

Steve Andrews & Sally James exhibit their typical "high key" hosting style... while guest sommelier Scott Lewis opines on fine wine.     

Join the conversation on Monday's from 7-8pm PST ~ Call Us at 818-353-1276.